14 FEET of COAL Mason County, WEST VIRGINIA 3,923 Acres of VIRGIN Contiguous WV COAL. 100% interest

Mason County, WV Glenwood 3,923 Acres of COAL for a mine. UNMINED Virgin Reserve. 14 Feet of Coal

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Commodity: Coal
Location: USA, West Virginia
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Valued at $10,000,000 in 1909. with 14 feet of mineable coal. 3,922 and 3/4 Acres of contiguous, ABOVE DRAINAGE, untouched coal rights assembled by a well known coal developer of the era. This is the total unmined mineral asset of the The Glenwood Coal and Coke Company of Glenwood, W.Va. (c.1907) Multiple mineable coal seams. Put together by a coal company for the purposes of mining coal and consists of 53 contiguous parcels. 100% Coal Interest. This is also an excellent Coal Bed Methane CBM project. Pomeroy 8A, Pittsburg, Redstone, Little Pittsburgh (Hard Coal/Anthracite) and Freeport/Kittanning.

Location and Access:

Southern Mason County in Hannan District at and around the town of Glenwood, West Virginia along the Ohio River. The coal rights accessible by state and county roads. There is also a rail line bordering the coal rights.


3,923 Acres approx. 6 1/2 sq mi. Southern Mason County, West Virginia around the town of Glenwood, West Virginia. River, CSX rail and State Road Rt 2 / Ohio River Road borders the property. The title is clear very well written. VIRGIN RESERVE - All of the original coal is still in place. 8 Inch gas transmission line SM-8 and a compression station is adjacent to the coal reserve. This gas line can potentially be used to de-gas the coal seams. I have researched this property extensively. All of the original developers from 1907 were educated capitalists, successful in other coal enterprises in Appalachia. BIG COAL. Two of the 6 seams have 14 FEET of coa.


Gas Well API # 4705300217 off the property shows 6 coal seams in the vicinity. Very few wells have penetrated the coal reserve. A well drilled in 1904 by Federal Oil Company API # 053-70003 in the immediate vicinity of the property near the mouth of Knife Branch along Guyan Creek Glenwood, WV and showed that the coals are above drainage. This well is known as the "Butler Well" can be found on page 217 of the West Virginia Geological Survey book of Jackson, Mason, and Putnam Counties 1911. The Pittsburg seam is about 600 Feet above sea level on the property. Standing at the Creek line, the Pittsburg coal is about 25 feet above. The Ohio DNR has good data directly across the river from the property.


Some background information about the original developer and original project:
In 1907 Pennsylvania interests, founded the Glenwood Coal and Coke Company, with a capital stock of $100,000. The Company was misnamed by several industry publications of the era as "The Glenwood Coal and Oil Company" The new coal company’s chief works would be located at and around Glenwood, W.Va. The company painstakingly assembled a contiguous block of nearly 4,000 Acres. The price paid per acre was $10. A Point Pleasant, West Virginia Banker was designated as Trustee and secured the coal rights between 1907 and 1908. The purpose of the Glenwood Coal and Coke Company was the mining and coking of metallurgical coal. $500 Gold Coupon Bonds were sold by the Conkle & Co., Machesney Building, Pttsburgh, PA. These were 30 year bonds and had a maturation date of September 15, 1939. The property was valued at $10,000,000 in 1909.

Additional Information:

in two seams there are 14 feet of coal. There are a total of 6 coal seams on the coal lands. I own this large coal block of multiple seams 100% and do not have any partners! All the original COAL is still in place! A FASForm coal facility is being built nearby by Frontieras North America. It is my understanding that a seam of Hard Coal/Anthracite is also on the property , its bed being the "Little Pittsburg" Lets Talk!!

Mason County IDX West Virginia Deed Book 412 Page 789 or for the 1908 transfer to the coal company look up Mason County IDX Deed Book 79 Page 225. Check out the beautiful and lengthy hand written deed.


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