Two Greenland Prospects For Sale

Graphite & Ni-Cu-PGE Prospects

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Commodity: Copper, Graphite, Nickel, Platinum Group
Location: Greenland
Terms: For Sale
Price: $75,000

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The historical Amitsoq graphite mine is located on Amitsoq Island starting from sea level, approximately 15km from the Nanortalik community (air access), near the southern tip of Greenland.

Southern Greenland in the Nanortalik region offers greater year-round access than the vast majority of Greenland and lies close to major international shipping channels. Winters in Nanortalik are very mild compared to the rest of Greenland, with average January temperature being -3°C.

Access is by helicopter or boat. A small minesite was built on the edge of the island with direct ship access to the minesite. Some areas on the island are difficult to access, however some areas, particularly on the western side are easily accessable. The Nanulaq Mine, operated until recently by Angel Mining PLC, is located just 20km to the NE.

The licence covers Amitsoq Island plus parts of the peninsula where further graphite occurrences occur and down towards Nanortalik

Prospect 1 - Amitsoq


  • Historic Amitsoq high grade flake graphite mine with historical production between 1914 and 1922 averaging 20%+ C.
  • Located on the shores of Amitsoq Island in southern Greenland, close to international shipping channels.
  • Limited laboratory analysis indicates a 30-40% proportion of large flake (+80 mesh) graphite from an average sample carbon content of 20% C confirming reported historical production grades.
  • Regional graphite occurrences including occurrences in veins as fracture fillings within pegmatites indicating potential for Sri Lankan style high value vein/lump graphite. No modern exploration.
  • PGE bearing hornblende peridotite intrusive on western side of the Island with sampling returning on average 0.8 g/t PGE (max 3.8 g/t), 0.26% Ni and 0.48% Cu across 9 samples.
  • Untested Au anomalies in limited stream, soil and rock chip sampling with results up to 2 g/t Au and potential for intrusion related gold similar to the nearby Nalunaq Mine (1.3mt @ 18 g/t Au) and Vagar prospects.
  • Stable, modern, pro-mining jurisdiction.
  • 100% sale sought for $75,000 USD.

Full Description:
Minor production occurred from 1912 to 1922 when a small open cut operation was conducted with graphite being sent to Copenhagen. Exploration activities following this included:

  • The Geological Survey of Denmark conducted brief reconnaissance at Amitsoq in 1915; and
  • In 1987 four samples of graphite taken during a Norwegian visit, these were sent for analysis in Europe. These samples returned on average 20.56% carbon with on average 30-40% crystalline graphite (0.2mm+ or 80+ mesh).

No further exploration targeting graphite has been conducted with other programs in the area focusing on PGE and Au potential.

Early estimates placed the carbon content of the graphite at 25%, this was later confirmed in limited assays taken in 1987 which averaged just over 20%. Historic data also indicates that the first shipload that was sent from Amitsoq in 1911 had an average grade of 21% C (Report 21152, page 49). Samples from the shipload on the lower horizon were reported in the same report to average 24.9% C.

The graphite occurs within granite-gneiss which in a few places is cut by pegmatite and thin stringers of quartz. The graphite occurs either as thick lenses within the granite-gneiss or as vein like formations in shear zones. The major graphite zone bears North 75 degrees East and dips to the North 35 degrees. The graphite bodies range in width from 18 feet (5m) up to 48 feet (15m). Much of the outcrop is covered in overburden, however the outcrop can be followed for 1800 feet (600m) until it is covered altogether by overburden/scree. Further graphite outcrops several km´s to the north indicate possible extensions of the deposit under cover.

Four samples sent for assay in 1987 by a Norweigen group. These returned on average just over 20% C with 30-40% large flake graphite (80+ mesh). This compares favourably with reported historical production grades also. With 30-40% large flake graphite content, the deposit compares well to other high grade graphite miens across the world.

Potential for further deposits:
Numerous additional outcrops of graphite occur on Amitsoq Island that have never been subject to exploration. To the south and south-east of Amitsoq Island, the licence covers additional graphite occurrences in pegmatite or gneiss over about 20km strike. Numerous additional sightings of iron stained rocks, similar to the mine at Amitsoq are reported also in historical reports. Near Nanortalik (Report 21152, page 27) fine graphite in “very large crystal plates” is described at the high water mark. Several other smaller outcrops are described as containing large crystal plates. These have had virtually no exploration conducted, however again they show the prevalence of graphite and illustrate the potential for further discoveries, particularly with the use of modern geophysics.

At Amitsoq, many of the reported occurrences within the licence area are described as vein like and associated with pegmatitic or granitic intrusions, filling fractures and fissures indicating potential for lump/vein graphite similar to the high value Sri Lankan deposits. All the exploration conducted to date was done in the early 1900´s or 1980´s when the search focused on high grade (i.e. 20% C), large graphite deposits and little attention will have been paid to the search for lump/vein graphite.

Prospect 2 - Craig’s Dike (Ni-Cu-PGE)


  • Ni-Cu-PGE mineralized hornblende peridotite intrusions.
  • 9 surface samples at Craig´s dike averaged 0.8 g/t Pt-Pd and 0.26% Ni and 0.48% Cu,
  • Extent of dike is unknown with abundant scree hiding the extent of the dike. Mineralisation is identical to the Sarqa dike 7km to the East indicating possible a large possible magmatic plumbing system underlying the dike´s;
  • Other mineralized dikes (Main dike – 1.5 km long, 10-200m wide) located nearby and possibility of further dikes elsewhere on the island.

The licence area is dominantly felsic to mafic metavolcanics and related sediments overlying politic metasediments. Hornblende peridotite intrusives occur at Amitsoq and to the immediate north of Amtisoq on the licence area.

Exploration previously has been limited to surface mapping and stream sediment and rock chip sampling, most recently by Platinova Resources Ltd (1990´s). This has identified a number of mineralized intrusions, the most interesting of which is the Craig´s dike, a poorly defined intrusion obscured almost entirely by scree.

Platinova recognized the potential for further mineralized intrusions in the area and on Amitsoq requiring further on-ground mapping. EM surveys were planned for Craig´s dike but were never carried out by Platinova.

Several stream sediment and rock chip sampling programs have identified anomalous gold (to 2 g/t Au) for which sources have not yet been located.

Exploration Potential:
The mineralized hornblende peridotite intrusions on Amitsoq represent a compelling Ni-Cu-PGE target and may be part of a larger magmatic plumbing system responsible for other nearby mineralized intrusive. A helicopter borne EM program is recommended to identify possible conductors representing massive sulfides.

The licence area also has potential for gold similar to the Nanulaq Mine (1.3t @ 18 g/t Au), operated until recently by Angel Mining PLC, located just 20km to the NE. Reports from the Amitsoq mine alsoregularly describe significant quartz veining throughout the deposit which is also characterized by extensive iron staining (pyrite?). Gold and graphite are closely associated in many gold deposits worldwide with graphite thought to have played a significant role in the causing gold to precipitate in the rocks.

Preferred Deal Terms:
Due to the owner focusing on projects in other countries and not having the resources to devote to this project, a 100% sale of the licence is sought for $75,000 USD cash consideration plus 2% production royalty.

Preferred terms are for a 100% sale of the project for $75,000 USD plus a retained production royalty of 2%.

The project is being sold due to the company having focused on other commodities and projects in Australasia/Africa.

Further data on request.

Photo´s of specimens from Amitsoq can be found here: