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Diplomat Mineral Property

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Commodity: Gold, Silver
Location: Arizona, USA
Terms: For Sale
Price: $10,618

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The Diplomat is a small gold and silver mine located south of the mining town of Chloride in the Cerbat mountain range. The mine shows excellent values in the waste dumps including some gold and extensive silver values.

Location and Access:

Located outside of Chloride Arizona on easy high clearance 4WD roads


The Diplomat is the primary operation in the area, and reportedly has a 280’ shaft with multiple drift levels. The shaft has been flooded since at least 1943. There is an intrusion thought to lead to the mine workings on the present site, but it is also assumed that the original shaft has been covered.

The foundations from a headframe and mechanical winch are still on site and give a good indication of the layout of the property.

There is a large pile of what is assumed to be shipping ore on the site. Surveyors assessed roughly 25 tons of material and high-grade grab samples were taken from this material and sent for assay.

There is also a dump that is estimated to be 16,000 tons in total. This material was also sampled and sent for assay.

There are remnants of a large adit that has been backfilled using part of the dump from the adit. The adit could be reopened with equipment and an active notice of operation.

Overall the property has excellent potential for processing of at least the surface materials. It is recommended that a plan be put in place to rehabilitate the main shaft and examine the workings for veins and deposits.

Silver will be largely worthless because of its composition in galena and sulfides. If a mill were built or found that could process the silver ore it would be highly desirable. The primary value will be in gold which is found in a native form and with some pyrites (auriferous pyrites). This can be crushed and separated with a general loss rate of roughly 40%.


Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 report that details the geology of the Diplomat mine.


Contact Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc for a GRMP-43 report that details the history of the Diplomat mine.

Additional Information:

Desirable property as the deposits in the region from Chloride City to Mineral Park are deep and historically very rich. Cash discounts available on this property. Contact Gold Rush Expeditions for more information or with questions.


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